User Acceptance Testing


Movantech fully understands and appreciates that User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is driven by the user requirements that are typically fluid and subject to review and change.

Hence, it is a given that our User Acceptance Testing involves significant participation from our customers. We work with our customer’s right from the requirement definition stage to effectively participate and manage the user acceptance testing process.

MOVANTECH’s User Acceptance Testing Services validate end-to-end business process, system transactions and user access, confirms the system or application is functionally fit for use and behaves as expected. Also, identifies areas where user needs are not included in the system or the needs are incorrectly specified or interpreted in the system.

Movantech recognizes that the specific focus during UAT should be in terms of the exact real world usage of the application. Our UAT testing will be done in an environment that simulates the real world or production environment. The test cases are written using real world scenarios for the application. The test team develops test scenarios, and scenario-based testing is used to conduct User Acceptance Testing.

The Key Deliverables of Movantech’s User Acceptance Testing:

  • The Test Plan- Outlining the testing strategy
  • The User Acceptance Test cases – Helping the team to effectively test the application
  • The Test Log – A log of all the test cases executed and the actual results
  • User Sign Off – Customer buy-in, indicating customer finds the product delivered to their satisfaction

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