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Software Security Testing Provides Critical Protection

The Importance of Software Security Assessments

Software security testing offers the promise of improved IT risk management for the enterprise. By testing for flaws in software, security testing solutions seek to remove vulnerabilities before software is purchased or deployed and before the flaws can be exploited. Yet for most enterprises, software security testing can be problematic. The cost of purchasing, installing, maintaining and hiring internal security experts to operate it can be costly. And the time it takes to execute can impact productivity by slowing secure software development. That’s why so many leading enterprises have chosen the automated, cloud-based, software security testing services from Movantech.

Movantech Delivers Software Security Assurance

Founded by application security experts, Movantech has built the first cloud-based application security testing platform. There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, so you can begin testing and remediating today. Movantech’s cloud-based software security assessment platform allows companies to submit code for vulnerability scanning. Movantech allows customers to perform software security testing without the bottlenecks often associated with software testing. Companies can use Movantech both for internally developed applications and for third-party code. In a business world where threats are constantly evolving, Movantech delivers the solutions to achieve protection effectively and cost-efficiently.

More Accurate Testing for Total Security Software

Movantech’s security testing solution raises the bar on accuracy and completeness. With the ability to perform both static analysis and dynamic analysis, Movantech tests for both malicious code as well as the lack of functionality that might lead to vulnerabilities. Movantech’s testing methodologies, developed and enforced by a team of world-class experts, return fewer false positives, allowing companies to spend more time fixing serious flaws. Movantech also reduces operational burden by allowing companies to outsource software assurance, rather than needing to invest in hardware, software and personnel to operate and maintain it. There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, so you can begin testing and remediating today.

Movantech Software Security Testing Tools

Movantech is the industry’s leading automated software testing service. Whether you are analyzing applications developed internally or by third parties, Movantech’s cloud-based service enables you to quickly and cost-effectively scan software for flaws. All applications, regardless of their origin, can be scanned and reviewed by Movantech’s solution. Movantech can even scan third-party software, without needing access to source code.

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