Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Enhance your performance testing – fast, efficient, easy testing automation

Performance testing allows testers to judge how well an application or website performs under specific circumstances. Measuring the time taken, the scalability and reliability of an action is key to performance testing.

Testing Anywhere allows testers to better create, manage, edit and analyze their performance tests. Advanced logs provide testers with details on each action, the entire test and even the performance times for a suite of tests. Testers can reduce time and effort taken in performance testing by 50 to 70%. Unbeatable ROI, reliability and state-of-the-art tools make this, the software of choice to thousands of customers in more than 90 countries.

Realize the benefits of Testing Anywhere distributed load testing:

  • Quickly and easily expand and revise test cases and test suites as your requirements evolve and change.
  • Immediately validate requirements and specifications.
  • Using Testing Anywhere server and client features, individual clients can access the most recently edited test, allowing for quicker turnaround on the distributed load testing process.
  • Automate your entire test cycle in hours. A powerful scheduling feature allows tests to run automatically at pre-defined times.
  • Extensive test coverage as your product is ported onto multiple operating systems, databases, and languages.
  • Reduce your testing efforts by 50% to 75% or more.
  • Design, distribute and run large amounts of load tests on any software application, website, API, user interface, database, installation, network and more.

Powerful state-of-the-art features make this the only testing software you need:

5 ways to create tests

Use our Object Recorder, advanced Web Recorder, our SMART Test Recorder, an image recognizer and editor with over 585+ commands to perfect your tests.

Workflow Designer

This intuitive graphical representation allows you to create and manage high level workflows of your entire suite of regression tests.

Variable support

Testing anywhere supports both system and user defined variables. Testers can use pre-defined variables like date, clipboard, etc. or define their own single value, list or multiple value or a random value variable to be used as inputs for the performance testing.

24 different types of checkpoints

Allows you to verify, compare and isolate areas of code that need to be tested. Insert actions into automated tests and use checkpoints to further verify application functionality.

Test to EXE

The only software with this most sought after feature that allows you to convert a test script into an EXE and then run that EXE on multiple machines without installing Testing Anywhere on each machine. This feature allows testers automation like never before: they can run any test script with any inputs, from any database or application, in any environment. (Please contact sales for pricing.)

Reports and Logs

Advanced reporting features include timelines, easy-to-use report customization tools, a report dashboard, visual logs and an audit trail capability that uses system logs to provide you with a complete database of all events in the automated testing environment. This allows the user to analyze reports easily with visuals and fix problems quickly.

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