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Cutting-Edge IP Telephony Solutions

to Enhance Connectivity and Cost Savings

IP telephony has revolutionized business communications replacing traditional phones in commercial operations in Canada and around the world. Better connectivity, increased cost savings and enhanced productivity are some of the main reasons for this shift to a newer, better communications platform.

Global Unified Solutions Services Inc. offers advanced IP telephony solutions to improve quality of communications and create an increasingly collaborative and productive work environment. You can work anywhere around the world and still have easy access to contacts, voicemail, admin and other business services that you need.

What are the advantages of implementing our IP telephony systems?

  • Relatively low cost of ownership
  • Increased functionality
  • Infrastructure integration
  • Centralized network control and management
  • Increased communications capabilities and productivity for remote and mobile employees

This means that information can be shared instantly, issues can be resolved immediately, and important business decisions can be made sooner rather than later.

In today’s competitive market you need all the help you can get to stay ahead. Our IP telephony solutions including unified notifications, video conferencing and mobile UC will ensure that you don’t lose out on any business opportunities for lack of a solid communications network.

Flexible IP Telephony Solutions to Match Your Business Needs

Voice over IP (VoIP) has become the communications medium of choice for businesses everywhere. While cost savings are a primary driver there is no downplaying the productivity gains. A single unified network of data, voice and video, enterprise wide in-house voice and video conferencing, integration with the rest of your infrastructure (including Microsoft Lync), greater bandwidth and centralized controls has made a positively significant impact on efficiency and output.

The more you learn about Movantech products, the more you’ll know we’re the right IT partner for you.

Global Unified Solutions Services Inc. offers a full range of IP telephony services and support which can be customized to meet your business objectives.

  • We will make a thorough assessment of current needs and projected growth
  • Draw up a detailed blueprint of the transition to VoIP
  • Provide professional implementation and support to ensure problem-free usage
  • Integrate infrastructure with VoIP applications for optimiz
  • Ensure on time and within budget project completion

Unified notifications, collaboration suites, video conferencing and mobile UC help remote and mobile workers communicate efficiently while reducing travel and telecom costs.

Global UC’s IP telephony experts have worked with businesses in healthcare, hospitality, construction, education and government to establish a cost-effective unified communication system. No matter where in Canada you are located, we can help you make a smooth transition to IP telephony.

For more details please contact us:info@movantech.com

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